Tours of the Deep South

St Johns Sataya Fury Shoal - (JSF)

  • Day 1 transfer from the airport to the ship, transfer of the Cabins from 4 pm, dinner
  • Day 2 Departure after approval by the Coast Guard; Check dive and another 1-2 dives in different places; crossing during the night
  • Day 3 Habili Ali, Gota Habili, Gota Kebir
  • Day 4 Habili Gaffar, Gota Soraya, Umm Harahim
  • Day 5 Shaab Claudia, Shaab Maksur, Shaab Sataya
  • Day 6 Wadi Gimal, Gota Sheliniat, Dahrah
  • Day 7 - 2 dives at Elphinstone Reef or different reefs; Return to the port on afternoon
  • Day 8 Breakfast on departure day; Cabins need to be up be cleared at 10 o'clock; Stay at the boat until Airport transfer on request



Information on the route

Sailing time to the St. Johns reefs about 10 hours
Sailing from St. Johns north between 1-5 hours to each dive site
Sailing from Elphinstone to harbor about 4 hours *

Travel times depend on the weather conditions

Health & Safety


Route Information

Info about the route:


Sailing time to Fury Shoals in about 7 hours *


Sailing from Fury Shoals heading north between ½ - 2 hours to the individual dive sites *


* Travel times depend on the weather conditions

Health & Safety


The South Tour

  • Day 1: Transfer from the airport to boat dinner on board.
  • Day 2: Leaving after Coast Guard approval process. 2 Check dives in coastal area
  • Day 3 & 4: Dive the Fury Shoals
  • Day 5: Dive Wadi Gimal
  • Day 6: Dive Gota Sharm, Shaab Marsha Alam, Qulan Island.
  • Day 7: 2 dives Abu Dabab, return to port
  • Day 8: Breakfast day of departure, Cabins to be vacated by 10 am; Remain on board until time to depart for airport.